Meet Our Team

Management Team

DogCentric’s Management Team is passionate about the pet industry. Our background includes years of dog walking, an assortment of dog training certifications, and experience training service dogs.

Dog Walkers

DogCentric dog walkers are all employees of the company. We never use independent contractors which allows us to train our walkers on how to properly do their job. All walkers are bonded and insured by DogCentric, and have passed our extensive hiring process, including an application, phone interview, in-person interview, reference check and background check. We want only the best caretakers on our team!

We thoroughly train our employees based on a specific set of policies and procedures as we strive to ensure every single walk goes smoothly and successfully. Our main priority is always to keep your dog happy, healthy and safe.

Rob Albert, Owner

Rob grew up in the Springfield, MA and moved to Washington, D.C. over 25 years. About four years ago, he started a business called DependableDAD that provides house checking, technology support, light handyman services and more. In addition, he's been teaching after-school science and robotics classes. Prior to that, he spent more than 20 years in financial management positions in major corporations and government. Rob has always been a dog lover and the idea of providing a very important service to a very important family member(s) maps directly to his desire to help others. Rob lives in Chevy Chase, MD with his wife Ruth and two almost grown children. Rob joined the team in June of 2018.  

Barbara, Dog Walker

Barbara grew up in New York City. When she got to DC to attend AU, she and her roommates adopted Samantha, a mixed breed puppy. All the roommates raised Samantha, and gave her unlimited walks and love. Then came rescue dog Tony, another mixed breed she fostered for a year in Georgetown. Her third dog was Charlie, a Bedlington terrier who had the full Bedlington hair cut every couple of weeks which made him resemble a lamb. She lives in Chevy Chase MD now after her career on Capitol Hill. Living in a building that doesn't allow pets, she is happy to be working with DogCentric again, and to be able to spend most of her day with dogs.


Dan, Dog Walker

Dan grew up in Ohio and came to DC about 8 years ago for a girl. It was a good move as they're now married and proud parents of 2 little boys. Recognizing that insurance is not his passion, he's been a stay-at-home day for the past 5 years. Now that his sons are in pre-school, he's excited to be back in the workforce combining his love of a good walk and quality time with dogs. Dan became part of the DogCentric team in March of 2019.

DogCentric Dog Walker Brian

Darcy, Dog Walker

Darcy is a stay-at-home mom and a part-time musician, and she has enjoyed being outdoors and the company of friendly dogs all of her life. She grew up in the Baltimore suburbs and has lived in the DC Metro area for more than 25 years. She’s had dogs throughout her childhood and adulthood, and now lives with a slightly-spoiled Labrador Retriever named Colby. Darcy became part of the DogCentric team in November of 2014.

DogCentric Dog Walker Darlyne

Darlyne, Dog Walker

Darlyne has always had an animal or two or three in her family. She has a great love of animals and is very happy to be able to help give her clients' family members a happy break in their day. She was a "puppy raiser" for a guide dog foundation in Canada which was a very rewarding experience. Walking with dogs by her side makes her happy and always brings a smile to her face. Darlyne is also one of our regular walkers at the Humane Rescue Alliance. Darlyne became a DogCentric dog walker in May 2012.

DogCentric Dog Walker Greg

Greg, Dog Walker

Greg has a Yorkie named Buddy and a poodle named Molly. He has also owned a Silky Terrier in the past. Greg loves being outdoors and he enjoys fishing, hiking and mountain biking. He likes having a job that incorporates his love for both the outdoors and dogs. eg has been with us since March 2009.


Theresa, Dog Walker

Theresa is a lifelong Maryland resident. She has always been a dog lover but never a dog owner. She, her husband and high school aged son live in Rockville with two cats. She has a degree in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland. Dog walking allows her to enjoy the company of many dog clients and get in her daily dose of exercise. It is an active supplement to her very sedentary part-time publishing job for the Better Business Bureau which she has held for the last five years.


Yukiko, Dog Walker

Yukiko grew up in Yokohama, Japan and now lives in Rockville, MD. She was born in the year of dog and owned three dogs in her life (mixed breed, schnauzer and Dachshund). She is a handcrafted soapmaker and her favorite is Marseille soap. She enjoys walking with dogs of all shapes and sizes. Yukiko Joined the DogCentric Team in March 2018.

Liam, Substitute Dog Walker

Liam grew up in the Silver Spring area and just recently finished studying for his associate's degree at Montgomery College. He is currently in the process of opening a native plant nursery while working as a member of the Dogcentric team and pursuing a bachelors in chemistry. Dogs have always been an imperative presence in Liam's life and walking such a wide variety of wonderful pups is a dream come true!

Trish, Substitute Dog Walker

Trish has lived in the Bethesda area all her life.  She has owned many pets over the years while raising her family, as her children are big animal lovers too. She has two cats which her oldest daughter fell in love with and brought home. She also owns a Norwegian Elkhound and a rescued German Shepherd mix who follows her literally everywhere!  Trish loves having the opportunity to meet and interact with lots of different new doggy friends as a substitute walker for DogCentric. She joined us in October 2012.


Dog Walking Services
  • “Our walker has become one of Tobey’s favorite people. We love her notes to us, and appreciate her love and care towards our beloved pet.”
    - Tobey’s parents
  • “We love our dog walker. He has been great for our dogs and gives me peace of mind when I have to leave them alone…”
    - Marley and Wylie’s mom
  • “We have been very pleased with DogCentric! Kody likes his walker and the exercise is really important for him (and us).”
    - Kody’s mom
  • “All of your clients are very lucky and everyone that I know in the neighborhood who uses DogCentric speaks glowingly.”
    - Mac’s mom
  • “Our dog walker is great with Duchess and really gets her personality.”
    - Duchess’ parents
  • “Your client focus continues to exceed my expectations and it reinforces the trust I have in you, your business, and your staff.”
    - Brody’s mom
  • “You guys have been GREAT!!! I can’t say enough about how happy I am with your service and Gabby and I love our dog walker!”
    - Gabby’s mom