The DogCentric Mission

Keeping your Dog Happy

A profile is developed for each dog that describes his or her routine, medical history, temperament, and the location of supplies so that your dog’s walker will have at hand all the information that he or she needs to keep your dog happy, healthy and safe during the visits.

The profile sheet will also include your dog’s likes and dislikes, favorite toys and favorite place to be pet so that our walkers can really get to know the dogs’ personalities and ensure each dog is happy during the visits.

DogCentric Notepad

Keeping your Dog Healthy

Regular exercise will not only tire your dog out but also keeps him/her healthy and fit.  Our walkers only feed treats or food that you provide.  We also record each dog’s medical history in his or her profile to ensure that walkers are fully aware of any medical issues. Our walkers leave a detailed note after each visit so you know when your dog was walked and how the walk went.

Keeping Your Dog Safe

We provide each walker with a supply kit which they keep on them at all times while walking dogs, including a first aid kit, spare leash, and pepper spray.  These items are carried to keep your dogs safe at all times, even in an emergency.

DogCentric never uses independent contractors. DogCentric's professional, trained dog walkers are all employees of the company, have passed a detailed criminal background check, and are bonded and insured.

Dog Walking Services
  • “Our walker has become one of Tobey’s favorite people. We love her notes to us, and appreciate her love and care towards our beloved pet.”
    - Tobey’s parents
  • “We love our dog walker. He has been great for our dogs and gives me peace of mind when I have to leave them alone…”
    - Marley and Wylie’s mom
  • “We have been very pleased with DogCentric! Kody likes his walker and the exercise is really important for him (and us).”
    - Kody’s mom
  • “All of your clients are very lucky and everyone that I know in the neighborhood who uses DogCentric speaks glowingly.”
    - Mac’s mom
  • “Our dog walker is great with Duchess and really gets her personality.”
    - Duchess’ parents
  • “Your client focus continues to exceed my expectations and it reinforces the trust I have in you, your business, and your staff.”
    - Brody’s mom
  • “You guys have been GREAT!!! I can’t say enough about how happy I am with your service and Gabby and I love our dog walker!”
    - Gabby’s mom